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Bree accepts most commercial insurance providers. No Medicaid or Medicare.

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Psychological Assessment Referral Forms

Check Insurance Benefits


  • Individual Therapy Sessions (53 min)

  • Intake Assessment/Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Psychological Assessments

Psych Testing 

If you are ready to schedule, please contact her admin assistant at:


  • Please include the following information in the email:

    1. First and Last Name of the individual receiving testing

    2. Age of the individual

    3. Insurance (type i.e. BCBS, United)  or Self-Pay (if OVR, please write “OVR” for #3)

    4. Type of Assessment (ADHD, Autism, General, Personality etc.)

    5. Preference for in-office or telehealth

    6. The best email for the individual to receive consent forms

Psych Testing Process

  1. Email Admin Assistant at

  2. Complete electronically submitted paperwork provided by the admin assistant

  3. Schedule an intake session via the portal (53 minute intake session)

  4. Check your insurance benefits (form provided through email and attached on website)

  5. Give ongoing providers (psychotherapist and psychiatrist) the above word document

  6. Complete online and in-person assessments (process discussed at intake)

    •  Assessment sessions are usually 1.5-3 hours in length and times are flexible including weekday and weekend options.

  7. Schedule results session (30 minute appointment)


  1. What do I need to bring to my appointment?
    If you are using insurance and did not upload your card, then bring your card to the session. If you have any previous testing results, either email those, upload to the portal, or bring to intake.

  2. What will my insurance cover?
    See attached form above. You are responsible for checking your benefits.

  3. Can I also schedule therapy with Dr. Riley?
    Dr. Riley is not currently accepting new clients for therapy.

  4. Do I have to be in person for testing?
    Personality testing can be done online. ADHD and learning disorder testing have to be in person. Autism testing varies but intake can be completed online.

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