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Bree accepts most commercial insurance providers.

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Psychological Assessment Referral Form


  • Individual Therapy Sessions (53 min)

  • Intake Assessment/Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Psychological Assessments:

Contact Bree to discuss sliding scale options

Psych Testing 

  • If you have questions for Dr. Riley, please email her directly at

  • If you are ready to schedule, please contact her admin assistant at:


  • Please include the following information in the email:

    1. First and Last Name of the individual receiving testing

    2. Age of the individual

    3. Insurance (type i.e. BCBS, United)  or Self-Pay (if OVR, please write “OVR” for #3)

    4. Type of Assessment (ADHD, Autism, General, Personality etc.)

    5. Preference for in-office or telehealth

    6. The best email for the individual to receive consent forms

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